Bologna, July 20, 2016


After positive experiences with its first product exclusively born for Microsoft Azure, Ianiri Informatica srl, a consolidated Italian provider of line-of-business software for health centers (, today announced plans to port its entire software portfolio to Microsoft Azure.

GIPO730, a web-based billing and invoicing management app for health centers was launched in early 2016 and proved to be a big success. Using technologies such as Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Azure allowed Ianiri Informatica to build a versatile and competitive product in a very short time. GIPO730 was born from the necessity to transmit health expenses to the national Health Card Information System for services provided to patients by health centers and surgeons. GIPO730 is also a billing and invoicing app which health centers can use to produce and deliver invoice statements to patients.

Giovanni Bianchedi, CEO of Gruppo Tronchet, a Bologna-based company with 15 health centers located in the greater Bologna area and a yearly revenue of 14 million Euros said, “We’ve been an Ianiri Informatica customer for over 15 years and we’re excited about Ianiri’s evolution and the growth. With its portfolio of line-of-business apps and all our data in the cloud, we’ll be able to better manage our technological infrastructure and connect to our data from any device, anytime, thanks to dashboards and reports offered by Microsoft Power BI. This will help us to make better business decisions.”

The next Ianiri Informatica product to be built exclusively on Azure will be GIPO NEXT mini, a concentrated but powerful line-of-business app which will enable the complete management of patients for medical practitioners. GIPO NEXT will, include appointment booking, referrals, and billing and invoice management, and is planned for release in September 2016.

All Ianiri Informatica’s cloud-based products are offered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and are orchestrated and diversified to satisfy a vast range of customers starting with free evaluation versions for users with low-volume daily transactions to full-featured versions for high-volume medical centers.

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